Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Weekend in Vernon!

Well we spent the weekend in Vernon with Jed's family and so much fun seeing everyone! Jaylee has three boy cousins that were all born a couple months before she was so I am getting a picture with all of them! This little boy is the Coltster! He was so fun! This is Jed's only nephew on his side of the family and he is so cute! He is seven months olds and is funny! He likes to roll around alot so these two didn't spend much time together and he really didn't like it when is mommy was holding baby Jay! It was kinda cute!But our weekend was way fun and we were glad to spend it with his family!
Well this is what she wore to church her first sunday! This is was her Aunt Mandy gave her and she looked so cute in it. Well we went to church and she started to cry a little while I was getting her out of the car seat and then she settled down for a minute but as soon as Daryl started to say the opening pray she started crying so loud! And trust me she a one of the loudest cries I thing I have ever heard! Well I had to take her out but it was just kinda funny! But in this picture she is about 2 weeks old! I can't believe that she is that old. Its crazy!

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  1. BRITTANY!!! I didn't even know that you had a blog! Oh I am so happy that I found it! Your baby so so cute! I am so happy to add you to my links on my blog. So Shay is in town today so I think we are going to try and come visit hopefully. No worries I will call first. I hope all is well. She's so cute!