Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July!

All American Cutie!

Our little Family!

So David doesn't like to stay in place! He loves to run around and so Lacey has to keep him on a leash so he doesn't get lost!

The Three Cousins!
Jet, Jacen, Jaylee

Jaylee playing in the pool!!!
There was hole in the bottom and so there wasn't alot of water it!

Jet put a whole tooties pop in his mouth!

Denielle and Jaylee!

The Twins hanging out in the little red wagon!

Sleeping Girl!

She falls to sleep like this now! We tired to put her on her back but she kicks her legs back over! As you can tell she is so close to rolling over but she doesn't know what to do with her hand!


Jay loves to put her fingers in her mouth! I think it is so funny!
She was just hanging out with Grandpa watching golf! As you can tell she wasn't really into it!

I took this picture while I was at work! Jed really likes it!

Same with this one! She is just the cutest little girl! We love her!

I really like that one because it shows how pretty her blues are! I tried to get her to smile but she wasn't liking the flash!

So Cute!

So we took this picture on Fathers day! These are all the nieces and nephew
on Jeds side of the family! We had so much fun taking these pictures.
We took a bunch becasue they were being pretty Funny
Kylee, Ryann, Jaylee, Ellie, Kodee